Hometown Hero Banners

Legion Post 178 wants to assist our community in honoring and celebrating the men and women who have served our country through military service from the Village of Millerton and the Town of North East with the Hometown Hero’s Banner Program.

The Post has established two eligibility criteria options in order to qualify for a Hometown Hero Banner.

Criteria 1 – All servicemembers, living or deceased, residing in either the Town of North East or the Village of Millerton at the time of their entry into one of the Armed Services of the United States (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Space Force, or Coast Guard), are eligible. Note U.S Merchant Marine Veterans are eligible for documented World War 2 service only.

Criteria 2 – All servicemembers, living or deceased, residing in either of the Town of North East or the Village of Millerton for a period of no less than twenty (20) years during and/or following their time in service in one of the Armed Services of the United States are eligible. What is required:

What is Required – Criteria 1 & 2

  • A competely filled out Application Form
  • A high quality, clear photograph of the servicemember in uniform.
  • A copy of their DD-214 (Release / Seperation from Active Duty)
  • A check made out to Post 178 Hometown Hero Banner Fund for $200

Additional Documentation for Criteria 2

  • Proof of residence within the Town of North East or Village of Millerton (or combination of the two) for a period of at least 20 years.

Disqualification Criteria

  • A Service-member with a Dishonorable Discharge.
  • A Service-member with a criminal conviction (during or following service).

Where do I send it?

Option 1 – USPS Mail

Millerton Legion Post 178
ATTN: Hometown Hero Banner Committee
PO Box 22
Millerton NY 12546

Option 2 – Drop it off at the Post Home during Club Lounge operating hours, in a envelop made out to the attention of the Hometown Hero Banner Committee.

Club Lounge Operating Hours:
Sunday: 1PM to 7PM
Monday: 3PM to 6PM
Tuesday: 3PM to 6PM
Wednesday: 3PM to 6PM
Thursday: 3PM to 6PM
Friday: 3PM to 7PM
Saturday: 1PM to 7PM

When can I apply?

We are accepting applications NOW!

When will the banners go up?

Once we have received 15-20 applications and have vetted them, we will submit them to the vendor. With the amount of interest received to date in this project, we hope to have the first banners up in May 2022 in time for Memorial Day.

Where will the banners go up?

As of March 2022 the following streets have had poles submitted. Additional poles will be requested in the coming months. Refer to the Map Below for the “Grand Plan”.

  1. Main Street – From the US 44 / NY 22 Traffic Light to The American Legion Post
  2. Dutchess Ave – From Main Street Int. to Old Village Hall.
  3. Century Blvd.
  4. S Elm. Street (NY-22) as far south as Checkerboard Corner.
  5. N Elm Street (NY-22) as far north as Winchell Mountain Road.
  6. Rudd Pond Road (Between Main Street and Century Blvd).


Please reach out to the Post Adjutant with any questions.